Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enshadowed ARC contest!!!!

Okay, so I'm entering an ARC contest for Kelly Creagh and she asked that we come up with something visually creative so here it is!  I'm super excited to enter her contest and I can't wait to see who wins.  Good luck to all those who have and are entering!  If you want to check out her awesome book and blog go here!

P.S.  I sure hope it's going to be big enough to read!   I'm super sorry if you have to squint at the screen. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

N.U. Hope

Saturday was the 4th annual N.U. Hope Suicide Awareness Walk in Ogden, Ut.

My friend Teresa and I, along with her mom, Lori supported the cause and went to walk and stand tall to support those who have lost loved ones and gain knowledge in how to help those struggling. I personally have never been effected by suicide but when I arrived at the fundraiser, I was blown away by how many people really struggle through and live through loved ones who have committed suicide.

There was a memory board that you could post your thoughts on and I almost broke down into tears with how many people have been effected and the love they send out to those who have transitioned from this life to the next.

That's why this fundraiser was created. To create awareness to suicide and to have the knowledge to spot it, approach it, and suggest support groups for those who are struggling.

Their motto:

Hold on. Persuade. Empower.

What a powerful motto to have. This fundraiser opened my naive eyes to the world around me and has taken a big chunk of my heart and turned it towards a passion to create awareness for all. I will definitely be returning annually to help give my support to these families and those who are struggling in life and promoting the cause through work, friends, and blogs.

It feels good to be doing something good. So let me ask you:

What are you passionate about?

p.s. sorry, I'm really terrible about taking pictures, but I will try to be better!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOW.....It's been a while

So it's been a really long time....and I'm sure I have no followers to my blog, but that's okay! I used to write on Run-On (Which is a fabulous blog, go check it out!) but I felt like I couldn't really keep up with my sis in law, Steffie. She is super good at blogging basically every day and sometimes, I just couldn't keep up and I just fell off the grid. So I'm going to try and start writing again on my own to get back into the swing of things! So bear with me.

So to start off...I'm trying to get back into running/shape. I've been a slacker lately, binging on cookies, carbs, peanut butter bars, yah know, all the things that aren't so fabulous for you and suddenly, I got a wild hair tonight and decided to go to the gym

The gym that I pay for but never go to.

Yeah, that gym.

Any who, I go to the gym, jump on the dreaded treadmill and basically run my guts out, slowing to a fast walk only twice! Ha ha, not my best, but starting out again I'm not complaining! Then I move onto the weights. Oh crap, I know I'm going to feel it tomorrow!

So, this is what I feel like when I get home from my "wild hair" adventure!

Scary huh! All my makeup has been sweated off and I'm just butt tired thinking to myself...oh I'm going to hate it when tomorrow comes. Then, I sit in my computer chair to start writing and this is what I look like.
Thrilled, right? (p.s. you get to see my messy background because I was too tired to put my gym crap away...sorry but you're just going to have to deal with it. At least my book shelf is nice and neat, right? Just stare at that).

So there's my update...not very entertaining I know, but hang in there, I'm still trying to get the hang of things again.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Boring Life of Catie, whom only about 2 people in this entire world read

So I am trying to be better at blogging again.

Can't promise I will, but I will try for my many (maybe 2) fans I have out there reading my blog :)

Well, needless to say, my life has been pretty gosh dang boring for the moment, all I have done is work, go to school, come home and work on the house.

My in-laws went to Cancun last week (the lucky buggers :)) and they came back with a nice tan. They brought us back some nice t-shirts, which I am very grateful for...Thanks mom! It was funny to watch them at church, because people kept coming up to them and asking about their tan.

Right now, I'm actually supposed to be finishing a paper for my Anthropology class, but ask me if I am :) I also have a test in Chemistry coming and I haven't really studied that much....huh...I guess I better get cracking!

Well that's about it for my boring life today, tune in next time for another chapter of
The Boring Life of Catie, whom only about 2 people in this entire world read. :) Ha ha
Later gaters.

Monday, January 19, 2009


So my sis-in-law, Stef said she has been super bad at writing on my blog, ha ha, but I think I beat her at that! I'm not sure how long it has been since I last blogged, but all I know is that it's been a super long time! Maybe at least a month or so. My work downloaded a new block system on their computers, so I can hardly do anything online anymore, including writing on my blog.

Just to catch ya up, I am taking two classes this semester, chemistry and Anthropology.....Chemistry is great! I love that class! But Anthropology,'s kinda slow. If you don't know what covers that class, it's basically evolution, but not human evolution, just everything else, like birds, animals, and that sort of stuff. We are going over who discovered what and when they lived and all that sorts of far it is still boring.

This last week was Chris and my 3rd wedding anniversary! That was nice! I can't believe it's been three years already! WOW! I bought Chris the first season of Three and a Half Men, he loves that show! He will laugh his butt off at it. :)

Umm....and that's probably about it for right now, our house is still under construction, we are trying to finish painting it and getting everything ready to put back into the house, so the main living area is almost done! :) Yeah! I can't wait! :)

Well i've probably bored you long enough and i will stop writing,
So I will write later!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life is passing me by!

So a few things have happened since I last posted, which was basically forever ago! My sis in law and I went to Twilight Nov 22 and we were so excited! We got there like an hour and fifteen minutes early and sat on the hard floor for it seemed like forever. Finally we got to go into the theater and find a seat! It wasn't too crowded and we found pretty good seats, towards the back and in the middle.

I was laughing throughout the entire movie, I LOVED IT! I want to see it again so bad! I'm so excited for New Moon to come out! I heard on the news that it wasn't supposed to be for like 2 years though, sucky.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Me and Stef sitting in our nice soft seats waiting for Twlight to come on!!!!! Everybody always asks if we are sisters, but i dont' see it? Do you?
Stef and I got settled in our seats, then Stef went out to get some goodies, she is the one in the pink and black walking in front of the screen. :)

Also, yesterday was my hubby, Chris, Birthday. He turned a big 25! (Hence the Life is passing me by! title) It was a good birthday, My mom and dad in law were there, Lee (Chris Bro) and Shantel (Lee's Girlfriend who is the cutest person on this earth) and I was the one taking pictures.
I made Chris his favorite cake, pineapple upside down cake! Yum!

Chris and his birthday cake

Chris rolling his gag gift, lucky lovers dice. ha ha :)

Chris let Phoebe open his birthday gifts, she goes crazy when she opens presents!

Chris and his new Carhardt jacket, the expensive little boy :)

Lee and Shantel at Chris' B-day

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for TWILIGHT to come out next weekend! I feel like a little 12 year-old-fan-crazed-love-sick-girl, who's heart pounds a million times a minute when thinking about it, prints off a million pictures and hangs them up in her locker. :) ha ha. (OH and Bedroom too)

I dont' really have any friends that live around me, and my sister in laws live about an hour or so south of me, so I have nobody to really enjoy this giddiness I will share it with all of you! (Stef, I will share it with ya when we go and watch the movie!!!!! :))

I feel like squealing and jumping up and down with my BFF (Best Friend Forever, of course!) and then falling down in a heap of giggles anticipating the movie. We would talk for hours on how cute the actors are, how we will someday bump into them and they will fall madly in love with us and live happily ever after together and we would live on a deserted beach in homes side by side.

Ahh, the fantasies of a youthful one, how they still live on in a adult :) We just don't like to admit it because we would get teased to no end...ESPECIALLY if you are married. I get teased all the time about how excited I am for this movie, my husband is probably the biggest one of them all to tease me.

There is this fan mug that I found on the internet and it states "My marriage survived the Twilight Episode"

I want to buy it for him, to show that I still love him..... :)

But I am still so freaking excited! EEEEK!